When I needed to lose weight, I got tired of hearing from younger "experts" who had no clue what it is like to be middle age. Losing fat (and getting out to date) is very different for us in our fifties and sixties. What used to work doesn't work any more. I'm trained as an integrative nutritionist and a life coach, but it's my experiences that help me understand clients and know what actually works for someone over forty-five.

When I was 47 and again when I was 57, I ended up with adrenal fatigue which caused serious weight gain (over thirty pounds each time).

Both times as I healed, I learned valuable lessons. The first time I discovered that I needed to respect my body more and follow my heart (which I wrote about in Soul Secrets of Salsa). The second time I learned how important compassion is in the healing process.

Fat loss is a healing process at our age, because the only way we can lose fat now is to heal first. I’ve successfully lost the weight I gained and more, twice during middle age, as I learned to treat my body with the respect and care it deserves.

I also discovered that a 57-year-old body needs more pampering and rest than a 47-year-old body does!

Now I love using the knowledge I gained from my experiences, my life coaching, and my integrative nutrition education to help singles over 45 slip into more attractive bodies and lives! 

Claire Timberlake, M.Ed.
Intuitive Life Coach
Holistic Health Coach